The Splendours of Alor Island Indonesia

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The Splendours of Alor Island Indonesia

Alor Island Indonesia holds a long list of splendour and attractions, contrary to its short and seemingly simple name. From its beautiful underwater landscape to the unique culture of its people, one can’t simply miss the charm of visiting this place.

This place offers many fascinating spectacles to its visitors, as much as it promise tons of good time.

With its beautifully mesmerizing marine life, the traditional life and villages of the highlanders, the sight of the oldest Al Qur’an in the entire Southeast Asia, as well as the unique kettledrums of Moko, there are certainly lots of things that draw people to this place, and for good reasons. Alor Island is located in the province of Eastern Nusa Tenggara.

It extends at the eastern tip of the Flores Island, which is also known for its rich tourism attractions. The name Alor Island is given to refer to the regency, the archipelago, and the main island itself.

The archipelago of Alor consisted of twenty islands as well as seventeen sub-districts.

However, amidst all of these, there are only nine islands which are currently inhabited by people; Alor, Terewang, Pantar, Ternate (Not to be confused with the one located in Maluku), Pura, Buaya, Kura, Kangge, and Kepa.

As for other eleven inhabited islands, the names are: Kapas, Batang, Kambing, Watu Manu, Sikka, Nubu, Ikan Ruing, Batu Bawa, Rusa, and Lapang.

Alor archipelago might not be as much as popular as its neighbor Komodo Island, or Raja Ampat in Papua yet, but this place is certainly a beautiful raw jewel waiting to be discovered. It has fascinating clear water and rich marine life, as much as Raja Ampat and Komodo Island have.

In fact, many people said that Alor Island Indonesia is probably better as there are still so many raw spectacles and landscapes that has not yet to be explored, hence making most of the places still in its prime pinnacle of conditions and might even be considered as one the best in the world.

Pantar Strait is one of the best sites you can explore during your stay there. You could either try to surf, do scuba diving, or just explore the place to your heart’s content.

Many people testified that the marine life and underwater delights found in this place could outclass even those which found in the Caribbean area.

The pristine clear waters, filled with fascinating tropical sea creatures, and highlighted with the delightful experience you can get when diving in the night-dive spots; it is an underwater paradise on earth.

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The unique culture of its people, as well as historical artifact like the oldest Islamic Holy Book Al Qur’an in South East Asia and kettledrum of Moko, are amongst other fascinating things you can see and experience during your stay in the beautiful Alor Island Indonesia.

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