Theme and Purpose of Bali Arts Festival

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Theme and Purpose of Bali Arts Festival

Bali arts festival is always held every year. This event started in 1979. The pioneer of this event is Prof. Dr Ida Bagus Mantra. There are a variety of art shown in this event. While also, the art show is also displayed in the form of a parade along the road.

The Purpose of Bali Arts Festival

Balinese arts festival was held as a form of creative works and offering the best of Balinese art. This art event held vigorously to give the audience the best offerings. Balinese people generally very love art and will certainly provide a quality art. In addition, the festival is as one of the media and the means to preserve the art and culture.

The festival will maintain the culture heritage that has historical value as well as the science that represents art through creativity, innovation, and cultural adaptation.

Art and works shown to have meaning Hinduism liberation through art and work. The festival originated from love and spiritual civilization of Balinese. Another goal of the festival is to accommodate works of art, aspiration, innovation, and attractions in the form of art.

Themes Festival

Each Bali arts festival has the theme of the environment and public confidence in Bali. The famous themes of this festival are of Kala Patra, Paras-Paros, Taksu, and Jagadita. Each theme has a meaning. Kala Patra means a Multicultural Self Adaptation, Paras-Paros is Dynamics in Togetherness, Taksu is Generating The creativity and Identity, and Jagadita is Generating The creativity and Identity.

Some of these themes are the idea and the study of the various components of society, artists, academics, and several other components of the younger generation. From all of these components can be concluded that this art festival is representing local pride, national, and world. It is also a representation of the creativity and uniqueness of Balinese culture.

Those festival art themes have a philosophical meaning that often causes trouble among the artists to appreciate the art form. Therefore, these themes need to be simplified, but not eliminate its meaning. Along with the times, the more the results of works of art that is able to express the values of truth, purity and beauty.

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This festival also has a sale value and encourages public participation in the arts festival so that the festival can be used as a place to study, explore, and preserve the art of a more professional and sustainable. Until now, Balinese keep maintaining the continuity of Bali arts festival.

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