Techniques and Steps to Make Batik Painting Art

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Techniques and Steps to Make Batik Painting Art

Batik painting art is a process of Batik painting techniques on a white cloth in Java. Batik painting is always changing with the development of batik dyeing and models.

Batik techniques and dye have a painting concept technique by using fiber media. Handmade Batik tends to be brighter and have a variety of colors.

Coloring Technique of Batik Painting

The first way in the process of making batik painting is preparing cotton or silk. Furthermore, make sketches or streaks or whatever depending on the wishes of each.

Sometimes Batik painting is express one’s hearts. Making batik on cloth is done without using sketches or scribbles first but immediately scribbled the ink by using a gorgeous brush. Batik painting staining can create gradation effects or other effects. In addition to using a brush, you can also use cotton to make Batik painting.

The most important process to make Batik painting is a blend of craftsmanship and coloring depending on the ideals and artistic taste maker.

Basically, Batik painting art is very complicated when you want to get the desired color and effect because sometimes the colors and effects cannot be achieved or not in accordance with the desired. However, if the colors and effects can be achieved, it will get the painting with colors that are very beautiful and attractive as the maestro of painting famous paintings.

Simple Steps to Make Batik Painting

The first step you can do is making a sketch on a piece of white cloth. You can use a pencil to sketch in this fabric. Motifs that can be used is freely in accordance expression, for example scenery, abstract, puppets, etc.

The second step is to use canting (the tools to take the ink). White cloth that has been created can be given ink sketch by using canting. In addition to using canting you can use a brush, banana stems, sticks, and other.

The third step is the staining. Staining can be done with the dyeing process and could use those two processes. Synthetic dyes that are generally using are naphtol, indigosol as well as Remazol. Each synthetic dye has its own lock. Its function is to lock the colors that are not easily fading. Dyes that can be used are Remazol and use water glass to lock the color.

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The last step is to lock the color by using boiling water. After the fabric is dried, then it would be a beautiful Batik painting. Those are some techniques and simple way to make Batik painting. You can try it at home to get Batik painting art.

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