Komodo Dragon Island Brings Adventure Into Your One Of A Lifetime Trip

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Are you looking for adventurous trip to the wilderness?

Then, Komodo Dragon Island may have the kind of adventure that you are looking for. This island makes the home of pre-historic animal, the komodo dragon.

You won’t find komodo dragon in other place in the world. Plus, you will see them in their real habitat. It certainly makes a promising adventure for your trip to this island.

Other than this animal, the island still offers lots of other attractions that will keep you busy in every sing day of your trip. So, do you still need more time to decide?

The main attraction in Komodo Dragon Island is certainly the animal itself. The island is only one small island of Indonesia, located in the southern part of the country, around Flores to precisely. It can only be reached by boat. On the first look, you will see vast dry land on this island that makes home for komodo dragon.

Indeed, this island is dry area with large area of savanah/savannah. Taking a trip to the national park will help you to take tour and see the amazing komodo dragon. You will have trained guide to accompany you. It’s important to remember that these animals are still wild and dangerous.

Always following what the guide told you becomes the best way to see komodo dragon safely. Other than seeing this animal, Komodo Dragon Island itself has other must-visit places.

Taking tour around the island will give you complete view of this small island. You can continue your adventure with this trip to know what’s on this island. It also has some beautiful beaches with its pink beach as the most famous one.

There are only very few pink beaches around the world and one of those beaches can be found in this island. You can spend hours sunbathing at this beautiful beach and just enjoy the cool water. If you are bored swimming at the beach, you can go snorkeling or diving. Komodo Dragon Island is known for having some best diving spots.

You will be thrilled to see various underwater lives around the island. Although it’s a small island, tourist can still find nice lodging with various choices of food and drinks. Spending your time to visit the island will give you one of a lifetime tour to meet the largest lizard living on earth. It’s such an amazing creature living in a tropical paradise.

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