Kuta Beach Bali : Tips for Travelers

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Kuta Beach Bali is definitely one of the popular beaches in Asia, especially because of its calm wave and also its beautiful scenery. This beach is located in the Bali, one of the hottest tourist spots in Asia, and already wins many top lists in many travel magazines from many countries.

No wonder, you may find much information about this place from many sources like magazines, newspapers, and also from online forums.

Basically, this beach is really accessible, only around one hour from the airport, with so many accommodations that are provided by the government and also private sectors. You may find hostels and also hotels with different stars around this area.

Based from that fact, we really want to share our own tips for you about this place, in order to maximize your experience in this place. Well, let’s check these tips out!

Kuta Beach Bali : How to Enjoy It?

You may do many fun things in this Kuta Beach Bali. First of all, of course you may try to tan your skin in this beach by lying down on its beautiful sand. You also can enjoy the beach from many bars that offer you drink and foods which are very affordable.

You can enjoy the beach by surfing there, with the guidance from its beach guardians which were very dedicated.

However, it’s very important to always pay attention to your kids because this place usually is very crowded. For the surfing activity, you really need to make sure that the wave is safe for you, and don’t try to not follow the tips from the beach guardians if the beach is not safe enough for surfing. You may also find many souvenir shops around this area, so basically you don’t have anything to worry about.

To go to this place and enjoy it to the maximum level, we really encourage you to book your flights and also accommodation earlier, because usually this place is really crowded during peak season, and everything will be very expensive. This is why, it’s really important for you to prepare everything earlier.

One thing that is also important to be remembered is to change all of your foreign currency into rupiah only in Jakarta (one of the popular transit posts to Denpasar), or even if you have to change it in Denpasar, make sure that you get the money that you deserve. This is very important because usually there are several money changers that doing some cheating activities with the foreign tourists.

Those things are all of our tips about Kuta Beach for you. Hope that you can enjoy maximum experience in this Kuta Beach Bali in Indonesia. Enjoy the holiday!

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