Visiting Seminyak Beach in Bali Indonesia

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Visiting Seminyak Bali Indonesia

Seminyak Beach is placed on the south of Bali Island, the placed in known as a place where you can find residential areas combined with tourism resorts. It is placed next to Legian, but the atmosphere is totally different compare to other tourism spot in Bali.

The town is full with luxurious resort, restaurant, spa and boutique.

The beach itself is quieter compare to Kuta especially during the day; but if you want to go to Seminyak Bali Indonesia, make sure that you drive your car not in its traffic time around 3pm and 6pm.

You can go to Seminyak by choosing 2 routes, from Legian or from Kuta; try to avoid the main road, if it is possible you can choose Jalan Senset as an alternative.

Seminyak Beach and Petitenget Beach

These two beaches are famous among the foreigners, because the place is less busy compared to Kuta.  There is a Pura within the area which is called as Pura Petitenget, it was built in 16 century and had a close link with Pura Uluwatu and Pura Tanah Lot.

Petitenget beach which is just next to the Pura has gray sand that gives mysterious atmosphere; since the place has its mythical stories.

Seminyak Beach is just 3 km from Tuban area; it has a great wave that makes the place become the main destination for those who love surfing. You can also find 5 stars facilities along the beach including the restaurant, the hotel and spa house.

Activities in Seminyak Bali

There are a lot of things that you can do along the Seminyak beach; one of them is scuba diving. There are instructors and equipment which you can rent to enjoy the sea; you don’t have to be afraid about their license; because the instructors are all professional to guarantee your safety.

Spa, massage, and beauty treatment is also one of the major attractions in Seminyak beach especially among the women, even though the area is considered as a luxurious spot; but the price for the beauty treatment is still affordable.

Night club and other entertainment spot are also available in Seminyak beach, just like Kuta.

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For those who enjoy the exotic arts might prefer to stay in Seminyak, because there are more than 6 art galleries that can be visited during the day; they are all opened until 9pm. Seminyak Bali Indonesia is a destination place that you need to visit whenever you travel to Bali.

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