The Magnificent Sianok Canyon Bukittinggi Indonesia

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The Magnificent Sianok Canyon Bukittinggi Indonesia

Located just on the outskirts of the town of Bukittingi in highlands of Minangkabau, Sianok Canyon Bukittinggi Indonesia is one of the best tourist attractions that you should not miss during your stay there.

It is called by locals with the name of Ngarai Sianok, or translated into Sianok Canyon, a famous canyon in Indonesia particularly because of its breath-taking panorama and mesmerizingly beautiful sunrise that will pierce through the mist covering the valley with the magnificent Mountain Singgalang as the background.

Its beauty is even famous amongst artists, with Ernest Dezentje as amongst the renowned artists who have captured the beauty of Sianok Canyon in his work. The place has two steep walls of stones which face each other in a vertical manner.

The steep walls fall flat to the bottom where there exists a beautiful river meander surrounded by brilliantly green rice fields. Its height ranges around 100 to 120 metres and its length is about 15 kilometres long. You could also find the gorge that separates Kota Gadang and the towns of Bukittinggi in the opposite side of the canyon.

The beauty of Sianok Canyon Bukittinggi Indonesia can be seen by either walking down into the gorge where the paddy fields and local’s settlements situated, or you could see it from the Panorama Park located in Bukittinggi.

You could also cross a bridge that stretches over the river, or climb up to the location of Kota Gadang, which famous for being a home of many finest silversmith in the place who capable of producing the finest ornaments of filigree.

If you want to enjoy its beautiful scenery from Panorama Park, you only need 5,000 rupiah per person as payment to the entrance fee Aside from admiring the mesmerizing beauty of the canyon, tourists could also visit a Japanese Bunker which located at the base of the canyon, built during WW2 by Japanese soldiers.

Sianok Canyon is arguably one of the most breath-taking sceneries of fascinating landscapes located in West Sumatra, and it could be enjoyed either at sunrise or sunset.

The place is also renowned for being an area abundant in unique, indigenous culture and natural resource.

Tourists could either drive private cars to reach the place or they could also opt for using andong or sado (both are traditional carriages) from the center of city to the Panorama Park that is located at Panorama Street.

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There are a lot of beautiful pictures you could take during your visit at Sianok Canyon Bukittinggi Indonesia, as well as lots of fascinating places to visit, and overall good times you could experience to the fullest.

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