Best Indonesia Traveling Guide

Bali is well-known vacation destination in the world. Unfortunately, Indonesia, the country where Bali is located, is like a stranger area.

There is not much people know about this tropical country. This is what we want to change.

his website sole mission is creating a portal where you can see all beautiful places in Indonesia that will become great alternative vacation destination for escaping from all of your stressful daily routine. And, because Indonesia is tropical country, every place you can find here will offer you warm and cozy sunlight to enjoy.

But, why must this website?

Well, all information we provide here are genuine and very helpful. We provide detail information about each beautiful destination in Indonesia.

You will know which area you have to visit, where you can stay, so, you can enjoy the places at the fullest while you visit it and of course, great guide to make beautiful moment in those places.

We cover all places that you might want to visit in Indonesia. If you want to enjoy beautiful beach in Indonesia, you can find it here, from Kuta Beach to Secret Beach in many places in Indonesia.

Diving? You got what you need here.

We have detail information and guide for best diving spot in Indonesia. Indonesia is also known as the volcano country. There are thousand mountains here. And, this website has detail information about best hiking destination that offers not only challenge, but also, the most beautiful scenery in the world. We wrap them up with many tips and guide, so, you also can save lot of money when you visit all those places.

Everything that you can find here is what you can use to describe us. We love traveling, especially in Indonesia that has lot of places we haven’t seen.

We also like to have different experience in traveling, so, we never give up finding many different beautiful places in Indonesia. But, the most important thing, we like to share our information, knowledge and experience about those places.

We just want to ask you to feel the satisfying and happy feeling that we get after we visited all places in Indonesia.

The last but not least, we hope that you will get great help from all information in our website.

We also want to make this website as your best friend in traveling. And, we wait for you to visit all hidden paradise in our tropical beloved country, Indonesia. Enjoy!