Visiting the Uluwatu Bali Island

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Visiting the Uluwatu Bali Island

You might already know where Uluwatu Bali Island, since its name is already famous around the world for its beauty.

There are a lot of places which can be visited when you go to Bali; it is not only famous for its Kuta beach but also for its Uluwatu which is only 15 minutes from Kuta.

The name of Uluwatu itself comes from Ulu or head and Watu or stone, the place is regarded as a sacred place which is treated as a Hindu’s temple.

Since the place is also famous among the foreign people, you can easily found public services within the area.

The History of Uluwatu

People also known Uluwatu as Pura Luhur Uluwatu, people choose to go to Uluwatu because the temple is placed near the step cliff tower and the legendary surf breaks which give majestic view.

Within the Uluwatu temple you will find 2 stones which form a boat shape, it is believed to be built between the megalithic eras.

The two stones which represent megalithic era indicate that Uluwatu is treated as a sanctified place for a long period. Its influence is also written on Usana Bali which wrote that Uluwatu is one of the temples which is visited by Mpu Kuturan.

Some of the researchers believe that the temple was built by Dang Hyang Nirartha who comes from Kediri; local people believe that Uluwatu is a place where Dang Hyang Nirartha died or marcapada and went to heaven or swargaloka.

Even today, local people still celebrate the Angara Kasih ceremony every year that are held for 3 days.

Enjoying Uluwatu Bali Island

People choose Uluwatu as their destination place because it has fantastic view which is combined with local mythical history. Uluwatu is placed where you can see the sea from above; you need to walk from the gate to the top, since cars are not allowed to get in.

You can see a lot monkeys that play on the cliff that give an interesting attraction for those who never sees this animal before.

But you need to be careful with the monkeys, because it often stole your food or stuff; but they do not bite the visitor.

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Almost all instruments which are built within the temple is made from stone including the gateway and the courtyard floor.

Do not forget to visit Uluwatu Bali Island whenever you travel to Indonesia to experience the spiritual atmosphere by yourself.

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